Alejandro Adams  – Drum Teacher

Alejandro is one of our Drum teachers – suited to Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced. He is available for Individual and Group Sessions by appointment.

Alejandro has been a professional drummer now for over 15 years, with formal one on one training throughout his schooling with teachers Russell Coleman (Bon Scott-Ac/Dc) and John Watson (Aussie Crawl/Renee Geyer). As a working musician he performs multiple gigs every weekend and has toured extensively through his birth country of USA, with established Austin-Texas based artists like James McMurtry and Johnny Burke. Additionally he has toured through Europe with various artists during his time based in Berlin.

Alejandro is also a multi-instrumentalist and has composed music for internationally released films (Troma Films-USA) and commercial television (‘Ifish’ Ch10), and gained valuable experience playing a diverse range of genres. He believe these fundamentals have helped him develop as a drummer/musician.


Over the years he’s played on countless recordings in some of the Country’s best studios and had the opportunity to share the stage many of his heroes.

In his career he’s been endorsed by Premier drums, Sonor Drums & UFIP cymbals and currently with Trent Macintosh Custom drums. He recently performed on commercial television with Major Label artists like ‘Olly Murs’ and ‘Rob Mills’, and indie artists/bands like ‘Last Mistress’ (Weekend Sunrise Ch7).

“I feel I can draw upon both my teaching and performing experience to provide my students with knowledge and passion. I endeavour to keep my students enthused and excited about playing drums and making music.”


Playing Drums w Original Rock Project ‘FtFDS’

Playing Percussion w Olly Murs Live Tv

Heavily Featured on this Movie Soundtrack ‘Serendipity’


Jordan Gilmour  – Drum Teacher

Jordan is one of our Drum teachers – suited to Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced. He is available for Individual and Group Sessions by appointment.

Having been a drummer and teacher for over 15 years Jordan has earned a reputation as a very well-respected and all-rounder musician amongst different musical communities in Australia and the U.K. His Education in Jazz, Blues, Funk, Latin, Rock, Pop and Classical has given him opportunities to perform in a wide range of musical styles.

In 2007 he achieved his Advanced Diploma in Contemporary Music and Performance at TAFESA in Adelaide, Australia. Since then he has gained a reputation as a freelance musician starting to play in the local Jazz and Blues community in Adelaide before becoming a highly sought after stand-in musician for various high profile bands.
Jordan Gilmour Sound Lab

In 2010 he traveled to Edinburgh to elaborate on his musical career which saw him playing at various Jazz clubs with The Jordan Gilmour Quartet while also gaining considerable experience organizing, promoting and performing for various wedding, party and corporate bands at various events and festivals around the U.K.

He is currently back amongst the Australian music scene while continuing his studies in Music Composition at The Victorian Collage of Arts.

Jordan’s specialties as a musician are his ability to learn entire sets and pieces of music quickly, at the last minute and on demand as well as his ability to sight read notated music and drum charts. As a teacher he has the unique ability to share his skills and philosophy to students of all levels and provide them with the necessary skills to develop into musicians themselves.

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