Georgina Charteris – Vocal Teacher (Tuesdays & Wednesdays)

Georgina Charteris is one of our Singing teachers – suited to Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced. She is available for lessons on Mondays by appointment, subject to availability.

Georgina grew up in a very influential musical family and has studied classical voice, theory, music development and has been teaching music from a young age. She has traveled around Australia as a singer and has performed in shows at the Opera House and overseas as a classical vocalist while still in her teenage years.

Georgina studied an Advanced Diploma in Musical Theatre delving deeper into acting, connection and story through voice, as well as sticking to her technical/muscular understanding of vocals. Since her studies, Georgina has further incorporated her understandings into pop and soul music as well and is now an integral part of entertainment companies around Australia, professionally performing and continuously training.

As a teacher her strengths are Musical Theatre, Pop, Soul and how to keep a healthy voice while singing rock.

Janice Fung – Vocal Teacher (By Appointment)

Janice Fung is one of our Singing teachers – suited to Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced. She is available for lessons by appointment, subject to availability.

Janice is a professional teacher with over six years of experience. She currently teaches English, writing, and singing at renowned coaching centres around Melbourne.

After completing her Diploma of Contemporary Music Performance (JMC Academy) in 2017, she is well- equipped to share her knowledge and passion for contemporary voice. Prior to her formal studies of music, Janice had studied under several masters of singing to understand our inborn wind instrument.

She is fascinated by the science of the voice, coupled by the miracle of singing performance – when the artist is navigated by their soul.

In 2014, she was talent-scouted from a nationwide search, and was sponsored by an Australian music production house to compete in ‘Chinese Idol’ in Shanghai.

Janice continues to grow in her love for music and singing, as she is working towards her Bachelors of Contemporary Music Performance. Janice is registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching, and holds a Masters of Teaching from the University of Melbourne.

Hayley Teal – Vocal Teacher (By Appointment)

Hayley Teal is one of our Singing teachers – suited to Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced. She is available for lessons by appointment, subject to availability.

Hayley, Singing Teacher Melbourne

Hayley soon learnt she much preferred the noisy confines of singing on stage in clubs and bars rather than the idyllic Adelaide Hills apple orchard she grew up on. Performing in various cover bands over the past few years in Adelaide, The X Factor was Hayley’s time to shine. Her voice had everyone raving after her audition, singing Alica Keys’ “How come you don’t call me”. Hayley rates the crowd reaction as one of her most rewarding moments on her X Factor journey.

Coming from a musical family, Hayley’s singing inspirations include the soulful singers Keisha Cole, Eric Benet, Brian McKnight and, of course, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

Hayley, writer and singer has both independently and in partnership with her band, written and composed over 100 songs, many featuring on her album ‘Chocolate’. ‘Chocolate’ was released in 2009, with tracks being played on radio stations around the country. Hayley is a natural born performer who feels completely at home on stage. With over seven years singing experience in the public arena, Hayley presents as a professional, talented and versatile artist with confidence, style and a unique originality.

She had a life changing experience making it to the top 6 on The X factor 2010. She now has world class training plus experience and is ready to take on the world with her music by sharing her knowledge teaching others as a Vocal teacher at The SoundLab.


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