Melbourne’s best GUITAR, PIANO, DRUM & SINGING Lessons

Keen to become a guitar god?

Guitar lessons in Melbourne image by The SoudLab Music School Our guitar teachers offer guitar lessons unique to Melbourne – The SoundLab’s dedicated Guitar Lab is decked out with Epiphone Les Paul & SG Special II’s and Orange Amps so you can rock out louder than any other guitar classes Melbourne-wide. Or go acoustic if it’s your preference. Our guitar lessons cater for all styles and levels from Beginner to Advanced.
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Piano lessons in Melbourne image by The SoudLab Music School

Want to learn or perfect the piano?

Our piano lessons in Melbourne have been designed by one of the finest piano teachers Melbourne has to offer – Steve Sedegreen – one of the most recognised and well-established piano teachers for over 20 years. We offer affordable classes for beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.
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Drumming lessons in Melbourne image by The SoudLab Music School

Release some agression on drums!

Our drum lessons in Melbourne are taught with state of the art Roland Electronic drum kit technology, under the guidance of the best drum teachers. With the feel of an acoustic drum kit this unique learning environment suits all ability levels. Our students get to rock out as loud as they like, alone or in groups.
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Vocal lessons in Melbourne image by The SoudLab Music School

Boost your confidence and find your voice

The SoundLab’s singing lessons in Melbourne are tailored to suit vocal style and ability. Our expert male and female singing teachers use a host of exercises and techniques and boast an impressive repertoire. Our pro or beginner singing lessons make us the best resource to get students realising their full vocal potential.
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