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T.Rex was the biggest band in the UK after the Beatles and had many No. 1 hit records. Marc Bolan played guitar, sang and wrote all of the songs. They were a guitar, bass and drums band with a conga player added. The T.Rex office was in New Bond St, Marc leased the whole building and then sublet floors to Pink Floyd and the Who.

Marc started out making music for the hippy folk, sitting on the floor playing an acoustic guitar on a Persian rug. Then he went electric. Our Managing Director Leah Gallin’s father went to London in 1972. Mick O’Hallaran a mate of his was a roady doing sound for Bolan and asked her father if he wanted to come on tour with Marc.

Leah’s father was up at the desk with Mick when he first met Marc who was wearing a big long green jacket with black velvet flaps. Marc got on stage with Les Paul, took his coat off and was sunburnt he’d been in the Bahamas, now in the snow.

Marc said he wanted to come up to the mixer to hear what it sounded like. Mick sent Leah’s father to play so Marc could hear how it sounded, ‘Go on play something on the Les Paul LOUD. The band are all looking at me and they all started jamming, going who the hell is this guy?’ Marc called Leah’s father into his dressing room, said he played well and asked ‘are you interested in joining the tour?’

1975 touring in Melbourne they were playing at Festival Hall. Landing at Essendon airport big crowd of press and he’s first off plane moves everyone off puts his arm Con and says come to my hotel. He ordered something to drink. Con said he had to go see his mum to borrow $700 to record some songs would have been equivalent to $5k back then. Marc calls his manager and says I need some money to give Con. He had the cash rolled up in an elastic band. He asked where I was going to record the session and if he could come help record. Con had his sisters old Holden Marc says ‘what kinda car is this?’

When they get to recording studio everyone shit themselves. He helped out with the recording, we finished up at the studio took him back to the hotel. Do you all want to come to the gig tonight go to the stage door and ask for me. Wilbur Wilde the sax player was there at the recording studio and it was first international gig he’d been to. They went back stage and Marc let them stand side of stage at Festival Hall.

Steve Curry (Bass player from Marc from the beginning) and Dave Lutton (drummer) played on Linda’s album. Con and Davie lived together in London Con was friends with Mick O’Halloran was Marc’s roady had a house on the Isle of White they used to visit often. Marc came to the flat where your mother and I lived to visit me where in London and Marc let Michele Gallin try on his floor length Ocelot cat fur coat. Marc and I where drinking a bottle of whiskey. Alfy Marc’s driver was there to, his brother managed the speak easy top club in London. Marc didn’t have a license to drive because he believed he would die in a car crash and he did. Next to a park near where I lived with T. Rex drummer his girlfriend was driving. Hit a tree. Unbelievable.’

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