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Keen to become a guitar god?

The Guitar lesson specialists in Melbourne The SoundLab’s guitar teachers offer guitar lessons unique to Melbourne – Our dedicated Guitar Lab’s are decked out with Epiphone Les Paul & SG’s, plus Orange & Vox Amplifiers, so you can rock out as loud as you like, or go acoustic if that’s preference. Our guitar lessons cater for all styles and levels from Beginner to Advanced.

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become a piano expert

Want to learn or perfect the piano?

Our piano lessons in Melbourne are designed by some of the best contemporary piano teachers Melbourne has to offer. If you are after a relaxed environment to really enjoy learning Piano, we offer tailored solutions for how you want to play. We can teach by ear learning or for outcomes such as grading. We offer affordable classes for all levels. Our Piano studio features a lovely Baldwin upright Piano.

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Release some aggression on drums!

Our drum lessons in Melbourne are taught with state of the art Roland Electronic drum kit technology, under the guidance of the best drum teachers. With the feel of an acoustic drum kit this unique learning environment suits all ability levels. Our students get to rock out as loud as they like.

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Boost your confidence and find your voice

The SoundLab’s singing lessons in Melbourne are tailored to suit vocal style and ability. Our expert male and female singing teachers use a host of exercises and techniques and boast an impressive repertoire. Our pro or beginner singing lessons make us the best resource to get students realising their full vocal potential.

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Find your grove with Bass lessons

Bass lessons at The Soundlab can help you become the bass god you were meant to be, whether your dream is to play like is Billy Sheehan and Green Day’s Mike Dirnt.

 Bass is all about locking in. You need to lock in with the drums, which means identifying which elements of a drum part to sync your playing with. You need to connect with the guitars or keys, which means knowing which notes will work with what they’re playing and which ones will class. 

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Refine your skills in Violin 

The Violin is one of the most expressive instruments you could ever possibly learn. Just think of all the genres the violin is used in. There are classical virtuosos like the legendary Niccolò Paganini and Itzhak Perlman.

The Soundlab violin lessons will teach you the physical aspects of playing the violin, such as bowing techniques, how to cleanly move between notes and how to add expressive elements such as vibrato to your playing, but you’ll also learn everything you need to know about reading music and performing with other musicians

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Our premium music tutorial studios are now located under The Astor Theatre at No. 1 Chapel Street!!


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