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Pick Up Your Sticks for Drum Lessons in South Yarra

At SoundLab, we know that drummers are at the core of almost all great bands and as such, we want all of our students to come out complete musicians that are comfortable with being technically skilled, as well as being an integral part of a great band.

Our drum teachers in South Yarra aren’t just satisfied with equipping you with the skills to rock out: they want you to have as much fun as you can along the way.

All of our drum lessons in South Yarra are personalised for each student. Obviously, we get the basics down first, but once you’re adept, our teachers go above and beyond to ensure that you learn to play the music that you enjoy. As with anything, drumming comes more easily to those that are enjoying the process and learning the songs that you listen to make this a much smoother process.

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electronic drum lessons in Melbourne
electronic drum lessons in Melbourne

What Will You Get Out of Your Drum Lessons at SoundLab?

If you take one of our drumming lessons in South Yarra, you have a whole heap of things to look forward to! Not only do we have the most dedicated drumming teachers in South Yarra, we also have state of the art facilities and equipment for you to take advantage of.

All of our teachers are performers themselves and know the industry like the back of their hand and our innovative drum kits and other equipment means that you are going to be learning on the best that is in the market.

Why You Should Join OUr Drum Lessons in South Yarra

Listen, we’re firm believers that every aspect of music is special – from writing and composing to singing, dancing, guitar, piano, bass and everything else in between. But the drums? There’s something truly unique about learning the drums. They are the heartbeat of music, the rhythmic flow that brings so many great songs alive and it is just so enjoyable to be the person bringing this to a band.

While rocking out on the drums in itself is a great activity, did you know that there are actual scientifically proven benefits to playing the drums? These are just some of our favourite:

Stimulates you intellectually

Drum lessons in South Yarra isn’t just about smashing sticks and producing noise. You need to understand rhythm, reading music and how to link up properly with bandmates. All of this is excellent intellectual stimulation for your brain and is even more prominent in children that learn to play the drums at a young age.

Drumming Improves social and creative development

It’s not often that you’ll see a great drummer rocking it out on their own; they are almost always an integral member of a band. This means that you will develop your social and creative skill in learning how to gel with bandmates on a personal and musical level.

Drumming Alleviates stress

Drumming is a fun activity and these kinds of activities produce a whole bunch of endorphins. Endorphins are the pleasure producing hormones within your body and because they are released during activities that you enjoy; you’ll be alleviating stress and depression while you are drumming.

It’s great fitness

If you’re ever watched the greatest drummers up on stage, you’ll know that they don’t end the set looking like they did when they started. Drumming classes in South Yarra are high intensity; it gets the heart rate up and muscles working. It is an excellent fitness activity that will help you get toned arms and improve your overall fitness.

Book your Drumming Classes in South Yarra Today

As you can see when you take drum classes in South Yarra from SoundLab, you aren’t just going to improve your skills as a rock star, but you’ll get a whole heap of added benefits on top. Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about our music lessons or simply book a package now and get your first lesson free.

The SoundLab offers drum lessons in Melbourne suburbs including:

drum lessons in Melbourne

Drum Lessons With Matt

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Looking For Drum Lessons In Melbourne? Choose The SoundLab!

At The SoundLab, we welcome a range of students, from the young and young at heart, those who have never sat at a drum kit and those who have been playing for years but want to improve their skills or refine their technique.

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