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Individually Tailored Vocal Lessons in Melbourne

Each of our lessons is provided on a one-to-one basis and is focused on the individual. We know everyone is different, with varying aims and abilities, so we tailor our vocal lessons in Melbourne individually for every student. That’s because we know a ‘one size fits all’ approach won’t work and will fail to provide the training each person needs.

When you come to The SoundLab, you’ll be treated as a unique person and trained accordingly with adult singing lessons in Melbourne.

vocal lesson in Melbourne
singing lesson Melbourne

Why Personalised Vocal Training in Melbourne is the Best Method

There are plenty of online singing courses available so that you can learn at home using pre-prepared lessons. However, these don’t offer the same benefits as a personal, face-to-face form of training.

Even though it may seem a benefit to be able to learn in the comfort of your home and at your own pace, you will miss out on the personal service of our singing classes in Melbourne. You won’t have a teacher watching and listening to you perform, picking out your strengths and weaknesses, and advising you how to improve. Although you may be able to submit questions and problems, you won’t have the constant help and support of a teacher who’s there in the same room.

To get the best out of this training, however, you need to:

  • undertake a gentle warm up before the lesson starts so you are prepared and your voice is ready
  • practice between lessons, at least once a day, so that what you have been taught becomes second nature
  • take notes and make relevant additions to course materials so you don’t overlook anything that’s particularly important to you
  • ask questions, either about the current lesson or something arising from previous sessions, so that you are always clear, have no doubts about technique or other topics and get the most out of your training
  • constantly research and listen to music so you build up an understanding of the subject.

The more time and effort you can devote between formal lessons, the more valuable will those lessons become.

The SoundLab offers singing lessons in South Melbourne suburbs including:

Vocal Lessons at The SoundLab

 Ever see a singer completely lost in the moment, eyes closed and yet totally connected with the audience? That stuff doesn’t just happen all by itself; it takes a fine balance of confidence, trust, practice and technique. And that could be you up there!

Whether you want to be a vocalist in a band, part of a choir or just want to improve your karaoke and shower-singing chops, vocal training is an important investment.

vocal lesson in Melbourne
singing lesson Melbourne

Why Do I Need Singing Lessons?

As a performer, you have to see your voice as an instrument, just as you would a guitar, drums or piano, and treat it with the highest respect. If you need singing lessons in Melbourne, The SoundLab will help you to learn the mechanics behind your vocals and teach you techniques to improve your range, endurance, expressive ability and overall vocal sound. Whether you want to be the next Robert Plant, Beyonce, Freddie Mercury, James Hetfield, Mariah Carey, or just the best version of you, we’ve got ya.

We know it can be daunting to sing in front of other people at first. Our vocal coaches understand and they’ listen to your questions, give you an insight into the industry and support you as you grow your skills and confidence. We ask our students to pick songs that they love or are interested in learning to sing, with the ultimate aim to refine your tone, range, pitch, breathing, stamina, control, harmonies, technique, vocal health and stage presentation.

Our Commitment To You

We’re committed to helping you become more a versatile and well-rounded vocalist in a nurturing and progressive environment. We cover all modern contemporary genres of singing. Yes, that includes screaming, so if you want to be the next Devin Townsend or Corey Taylor, we can help.

Whether you have specific goals like fronting a band, performing in musical theatre, songwriting, or simply singing just for fun, our industry-recognized coaches will help you stay motivated and confident as you find and refine your ultimate singing voice. After all, singing is about pure expression, and we want to you feel totally free to reach down into your soul and pull great music out of it!

vocal lesson Melbourne
singing lessons and classes

What Can You Expect From The SoundLab Vocal Lessons?

Belting out your favourite song may feel good for your soul, but it may not be good for your vocal cords! We don’t want you to lose your voice because you’ve tried to push it past its limit without warming up or using correct techniques. In the long run, taking vocal lessons and learning to correctly use your instrument will reduce your chance of vocal damage and fatigue and keep you in the spotlight (We know you want to be in the spotlight otherwise you wouldn’t want to be a singer, right?). 

Our Vocal Labs have all you need in terms of PA/Mic setup and accompanying instruments. Just like working out in the gym, the more you use your muscles, the better your muscle memory becomes. So we’ll teach you how to sing with proper technique, not only protecting your precious vocal cords from nasties like the vocal nodules that can plague untrained singers (if you Google it, maybe don’t click on the Images tab), but also reinforcing your pitch accuracy, tonal consistency and expressive control.


Contact us Today to Enquire About Your Voice Training in Melbourne

At our highly rated voice training facility in Melbourne, you’ll receive personalised lessons from industry recognised and passionate teachers who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Our lessons are a worthwhile and pleasurable experience that provides a much faster route to success when compared to remote teaching methods that lack the personal touch and face-to-face communication.

Because we work directly with you during our vocal lessons in Melbourne, we can support you all the way on your journey to becoming a much better singer than would otherwise be possible. Even if you don’t reach the ultimate goal of becoming a professional performer, the very act of learning to sing better is a beneficial and therapeutic process. Singing is a great pleasure that enhances well-being and provides enjoyment, so start your journey today to becoming a better singer.

The SoundLab offers a range of music lessons including:

vocal lesson Melbourne

Vocal Lessons With Hayley

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Looking For Singing Lessons In Melbourne? Choose The SoundLab!

If you’re looking for a highly knowledgeable vocal coach in Melbourne with industry experience, you cant go past our singing lessons at The SoundLab.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us to join one of our singing classes in Melbourne today!

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