Bluesfest with Gibson – Eagles of Death Metal (2016)

Our Managing Director Leah Gallin is at BluesFest side of stage and backstage here while Jesse Hughes is being interviewed. This was the bands first performance since the terrorist attack at their gig in Paris that claimed 89 lives, only a few months earlier. Leah had leant the band Orange Amplifiers as part of her Artist Relations role with Australian Musical Imports.

Eagles of Death Metal is an American rock band from Palm Desert, California, formed in 1998. Founded by Jesse Hughes (vocals, guitar) and Josh Homme (drums), the band also includes a wide range of other musicians that perform both on the band’s studio albums and at live shows. Hughes and Homme are the only permanent members of the band, with Homme rarely performing at live shows due to commitment to his other band, Queens of the Stone Age.

While the band was on stage at the Bataclan in Paris, France, on November 13, 2015, the audience was attacked by terrorists wielding automatic rifles, grenades, and suicide vests. The death toll inside the venue was 89, including the group’s merchandise manager. Three of the band members escaped safely out of the venue via a door backstage, but two members remained behind inside the venue and were rescued after several hours by the police with the other survivors.