Harley Stewart

Guitar / Composition

Harley Stewart is one of our Guitar teachers – suited to Intermediate / Advanced. Harley is a young, exciting & dedicated musician with a wealth of experience and originality. He has learned from & worked with some of Australia’s most respected musicians & has been sharing his musical knowledge with students for over 10 years. He has toured the country and beyond with many headlining acts and has composed & produced music in many renowned recording studios across Australia.

Harley has travelled the world playing and learning music of many contrasting styles and has gathered skills on many instruments such as Drums & Percussion, Electric & Double Bass, Vocals, Piano, Hammond Organ & Harmonica.

As a student of the Victorian College of the Arts, he has refined his theoretical and technical skills and has developed a versatile stylistic voice ranging from... Rock n Roll, Blues, Funk, Reggae, Brasillian Samba, Choro and Bossa Nova, Jazz, Gypsy, Classical, Flamenco, Cuban, Modern, Electronic.

His relaxed nature invites you to move at your own pace and learn the music that gets you going, whether you are beginning your musical journey or advancing into uncharted terrain.

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