Training our next generation of Rock Stars

Prepare for the rise of the next generation of rockstars! Lil' Rockstar is an exclusive gateway to the world of music, where children embark on an extraordinary journey using genuine musical instruments. Through our innovative approach, kids explore the world of music through playing real musical instruments firsthand! It's an immersive and unforgettable adventure into the heart and soul of music.

For over 15 years, we've proudly brought our programs to thousands of children, fostering learning and creativity. Our extensive experience includes collaborations with a diverse range of schools, nurturing young artists.

School Excursions/Incursions

Our dedicated music professionals can facilitate upto 45-90 students per group, to participate in our unique music program. Children are guided through our workshops with REAL musical instruments & Rockstar Dress-ups! Whether you encourage your school to visit our iconic event space or we take our show on the road  and deliver our program to you at your venue, Lil' Rockstar will surely ignite the children's passion for music.Create memorable moments and foster a love for music in a space that resonates with the spirit of solidarity.

***Incursions will incur transportation fees based on distance.

Instrumental Workshop

Get ready to unleash your inner rockstar at the Lil' Rockstar Instrumental Workshop! Students will dive into an electrifying experience, jamming out on our cutting-edge Electronic Drum Kit and Mini-electric Guitar Labs equipped with headphones for an immersive musical journey. But the excitement doesn't stop there! With our Karaoke setup featuring Wireless Microphones and a screen, budding musicians can belt out their favorite songs from YouTube, complete with lyrics for an unforgettable sing-along session. Let's not overlook the Percussion and Ukulele. They also contribute to a comprehensive musical setup, adding to the array of musical instruments available for everyone to enjoy.

Your group is supervised through our program of age-appropriate activities that can include:
• Rock Quiz
• Rockstar Dress Ups
• Rock Moves & Paparazzi Shoot
• Percussion Workshop
• Mini Electric Guitars
• Electronic Drum Kits
• Karaoke!

Duration: Our programs usually run for 1.5hrs

Songwriting & Performance Workshop

Explore your musical influences and sources of inspiration for song ideas. Craft your own album cover, delve into song structure including verses, choruses, and bridges, and master the art of creating an unforgettable 'Hook' or an epic 'Riff'. Learn how to keep track of your song ideas and develop strategies to nurture a performance mindset, boosting stage presence and building confidence for unforgettable performances.

Special Needs Schools

Music holds a remarkable power as a therapeutic tool, especially within Special Needs Schools. Through our Lil Rockstar program, we aim to harness the transformative potential of music as therapy. Lil Rockstar program introduces music to these schools in an inclusive and engaging manner, fostering not just musical skills but also aiding in cognitive, emotional, and social development. Using instruments, rhythm, and melody, we create a supportive environment where every child can explore their unique musical journey, unlocking new avenues for self-expression and growth.

Lil' Rockstar First Gig Package

Experience your first ever gig by being apart of it!

• 40.00 per child
• Minimum 20 children
• Event only

Lil' Rockstar Rock Concert Package

Celebrate in rock concert style with the full treatment!

• $55.00 per child
• Minimum 15 children
• Catering Included: Margherita Pizza, Party Chips, Fruit Platter & Snowballs

Extended duration (2 hour event).

Catering options for attending parents.

Additional Platters

Rockstar Foil Balloons Decorations

Keepsake sound recording & personalised CD

Extended Paparazzi Shoot

Personalised Rockstar filled Lolly Boxes

Rockstar Pass the Parcel

Professional photographer

Limousine service to/from venue

Terms & Conditions

A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking – we require confirmation of final numbers and balance payable 7 days prior to booking.

The SoundLab does not allow BYO food/drink apart from a Cake – If you have guests with allergies please let us know when making your confirmation.


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