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Mitch Mitchell – Jimi Hendrix’s Drummer (1974)

Jimmy Hendrix’s Drummer Mitch Mitchell came to the house where our Managing Director Leah Gallin’s father lived in London. Her father also owned one of the Gibson 1967 Reissue painted Flying V guitars pictured.

Leah’s father Con lived with Davey Lutton T-Rex’s drummer. ‘Davey knew Henry McCullock who was the first guitarist in Paul McCartney’s Wings. In fact Davey knew everyone. He showed me pictures at a recording session with Jimi Hendrix, he recorded a solo album with Linda McCartney. He knew most of the big bands in England.

One day I woke up at 1pm as I normally did and went down stairs. There was a guy in the lounge room that looked familiar. I asked him if he drank at our pub, not often he said. He said he dropped his daughter off so Davey and Gail could look after her while he did a recording session. So you’re a muso I said, have you been in any bands. Yes Jimi Hendrix he replied. It was Mitch Mitchell, Hendrix’s drummer and Jimi Hendrix Experience was my favourite band so I knew who he was but when Mitch was in our lounge room he was like another person and I didn’t make the connection’

Mitchell was an English drummer best known for his work in the Jimi Hendrix Experience. He was inducted into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame in 2009.

He played on the three best-selling Experience studio albums, Are You Experienced (1967), Axis: Bold As Love (1968), and Electric Ladyland (1968). Mitchell remained with Hendrix after the Experience broke up when Noel Redding quit in June 1969.

He performed with Hendrix’s expanded line-up at Woodstock (August 1969). In 2016, Mitchell was named the eighth-greatest drummer of all time by Rolling Stone magazine.

Linda was getting her father and Neal food and then Paul came and put his arm around him and said ‘hello’. A few months later Wings were playing in London, Paul’s road manager was a friend of mine and gave me an all access back stage pass at Wembley stadium where he met Paul after his performance.

‘After Paul’s show me and the T-Rex drummer Davie took Paul and Linda to the club. At the door I asked to speak to Laurie because you had to pay to go in. Laurie came to the door and said come on boys come in. I said we have friends. He said more freeloaders from your band. I said yeah and pointed to Paul and Linda. He got us a table and free drinks. It was crowded and people were bumping into Paul and spilt beer on him.’

The ticket to Wings in Australia pictured was from when he was invited and also went backstage. The other images show Paul with Pat Foley Entertainment Relations Director from Gibson, signing the Custom Epiphone Texan model guitars. Which the Gallin’s had one of in the Vault collection, it retailed in Australia for $110k with the proceeds going to landmines.

Led Zeppelin’s 1972 Australasian Tour was the only concert tour of Australia and New Zealand by the English rock band.

The images also show the stage erected over the ‘bleachers’ at the Glenferrie Road end of the Kooyong Tennis Stadium in Melbourne. The Musician’s Union required that an equal number of Australian musicians perform as the support act but Zeppelin played the entire show as ALL the Melbourne bands had tickets and were sitting in the audience.

Merv was a long time friend of our Managing Director Leah’s father and did much work out of the Gallin’s Guitar store. Her father attended the 1972 Melbourne performance at Kooyong Stadium on 20 February, that was cut short due to inclement weather.

Also, here is Leah’s business card when working for Australian Musical Imports it had Jimmy Page on the front.