Nick Delaney

Guitar / Bass

Nick Delaney is a composer and performer based in Melbourne, Australia. Nick received a Bachelor of Arts in Music (majoring in composition) from Southern Cross University in 2000. Since that time Nick has performed in and composed music for numerous bands of varying styles. From jazz fusion to funk, rock and heavy metal to ambient electronic music, Nick has been working diligently on his composition skills for the past 15 years. Nick’s main instrument is the guitar and bass guitar.

Nick is also a confident sound engineer, producer and programmer. He helped produce The Twelve Tone Diamonds debut LP “Unofficial Winner”. Composed, recorded, programmed and mixed a trilogy of instrumental metal EPs for his own project “Kardinal” and is currently recording, mixing and producing an EP for Melbourne based latin/hip-hop band Labjacd.

Nick is competent in writing to a specific style or mood to suit most situations. His latest work has been centred around ambient guitars and electronic sounds, creating an ethereal, transcendental style that would easily translate to film or TV.

He teaches all levels from beginner to our most advanced students, his super-technical approach, is really popular with those wanting to achieve more advanced results and with grading.

Watch Nick

Nick finger tapping
Nick on Bass

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