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Piano Lessons

Get given the keys with The SoundLab
All ages, all abilities, all musical tastes. The SoundLab Melbourne offers personalised piano lessons in person or online, 
to help you achieve your unique goals.
How we work with you

What are our methods?

Assessing your level

First, we assess your current level of playing ability and create a tailored program designed to teach you at the right pace, with the right objectives in mind.

Developing your skills

Then, we pair you with one of our expert piano tutors, teaching you all aspects of music, including how to read sheet music, how to listen and identify chords, as well as developing your performance skills. We also teach you how to play by ear, a real skill that means you can sit at the piano and create music, from beginners to advanced.

Applying your skills

Once you've mastered an appropriate level of piano playing, we have the industry connections to help you achieve your musical ambitions whether that be in a band, onstage at a classical recital, composing soundtracks for film and video games or writing your own songs…. We also host an end-of-year concert which gives you a chance to show off your new skills and meet like-minded people.

We can also help you to work towards specific grades, such as The Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB), and we have teachers who can help you at every level.
Learn to play, your way

What do I need to know?

Learn the songs you love

We want you to fall in love with every aspect of music; reading music, listening skills and music performance skills. Our students choose their favourite pieces from any style of music, and from there, we guide them to learn the piece by ear, identifying elements such as meter, tonality, key, rhythm and harmonic patterns.You’ll learn how to take the framework of a song you love and then change it until it becomes something totally you. Before you head to your first piano lesson, we encourage you to think about what genre you’re most interested in playing.

Start with the right equipment

Our Piano Lab features a lovely Baldwin Piano. Whether you dream of playing a classical or jazz piano, we can teach you through your preferred genre.


Get a glimpse of our philosophy

We teach you all aspects of music, such as how to read sheet music, how to listen and identify chords and how to play by ear, a real skill that means you can sit at the piano and create music.

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