Reuben Hudson

Guitar / Bass / Piano / Production 

Completing a Bachelor of Music in Creative Practice at the University of Auckland, Reuben studied under long-term industry professionals Godfrey De Grut and Stephen Matthews. 

With a love of music beginning early, Reuben commenced Piano lessons at the age of 6 and then upon hearing Green Day, Guitar at age 9. Gifted to impart a knowledge of theory across multiple instruments but also understanding that music is something to be enjoyed, Reuben is able to interpret what a student needs in their musical development and help them along at an enjoyable pace. 

An extremely personable and friendly teacher, Reuben is able to engage his skills in Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Performance and Songwriting to channel his student’s interests and curiosities into a lifelong passion for music. Fostering a community is a key point in Reuben’s musical philosophy. He motivates his students to have creative freedom and a sense of belonging as a musician. 

With a multitude of releases available online and playing in multiple bands over the years, Reuben is proud of his most recent single ‘Drag’ recently sitting on New Zealand’s Student Radio Network charts. 

Please click on a link below to hear a fragment of Reuben’s musical talent.

Reuben Hudson - Drag (feat. Jade Lewis) 

Reuben Hudson - Baby Bedside (Music Video) 

Reuben Hudson - Showstopper (Music Video) 

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