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Paul & Linda McCartney polaroid (1976), Wings Ticket (1975), Paul McCartney Epiphone Texans Signing (2006)
This polaroid was taken by our Managing Directors

father at Denny Lane’s (Wings guitarists) birthday party at his house in London. A nice big house that used to belong to the author of Winnie the Pooh, then Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones who drowned in the swimming pool. Her father was in the kitchen with his drummer Neal Johns the singer from Sydney in his band Blackfeather, who had previously been drummer and bass player for T-Rex.

Linda was getting her father and Neal food and then Paul came and put his arm around him and said ‘hello’. A few months later Wings were playing in London, Paul’s road manager was a friend of mine and gave me an all access back stage pass at Wembley stadium where he met Paul after his performance.

‘After Paul’s show me and the T-Rex drummer Davie took Paul and Linda to the club. At the door I asked to speak to Laurie because you had to pay to go in. Laurie came to the door and said come on boys come in. I said we have friends. He said more freeloaders from your band. I said yeah and pointed to Paul and Linda. He got us a table and free drinks. It was crowded and people were bumping into Paul and spilt beer on him.’

The ticket to Wings in Australia pictured was from when he was invited and also went backstage. The other images show Paul with Pat Foley Entertainment Relations Director from Gibson, signing the Custom Epiphone Texan model guitars. Which the Gallin’s had one of in the Vault collection, it retailed in Australia for $110k with the proceeds going to landmines.

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