Ashton GA100FX Guitar Amplifier

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Product description

Ashton GA100FX head 100 watt guitar amp with effect and floor controller. Colour: Black

Ashton GA100FX head is packs a real punch, pumping out a massive 100 watts of power.

It has two output channels for clean or dirty sound – but most importantly it gives you a massive range of built in digital effects for the ultimate in control over your performance. Add some extra ambience with the built in digital spring reverb Iits always available for maximum flexibility in your sound).

Designed for live musicians or budding stars with user friendly features that make it easy to use. The optional footswitch even lets you change effects hands free – and all without a mess of tangled cables and pedals on the floor. It’s a great all in one head.


VOLUME: 100W RMS @ 8 ohms

CHANNELS: 2 channels (clean & dirty/boost)

DIGITAL EFFECTS: modulation – chorus/phaser/flanger/tremolo/autowah

DELAY: Footswitchable delay/looping (7 sec endless loop)

REVERB: Digital spring reverb · Contour on dirty channel

EQ: 3 band EQ (bass, mid, treble) on each channel

MASTER: Pull bright switch · Master level control

INPUT: Extension speaker jack

•Original Box Not Included

•Light Marks

•Headphone output

•Footswitch Not Included