Sonic Drive SPD-P12-BLK 12” Natural Rebound Practice Drum Pad - $39.95

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The Sonic Drive SDP-P12-BLK 12" Practise Pad has a natural rebound feel, essential in retaining the feel of a real drum when learning your basic rudiments. A practice pad is also great for professional players, allowing them to warm up before gigs or practice while on the road. Their portability and low volume make them an essential item for catching up on your practice wherever you are.

Customer Reviews

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Enhancing My Drumming Skills

I've seen a significant improvement in my drumming skills since I started using the SPD-P12-BLK. The natural rebound and responsiveness of this drum pad are impressive. It's a valuable tool for drummers of all levels, helping you refine your technique and timing.


For someone new to drumming like me, the SPD-P12-BLK has been a lifesaver. It's user-friendly and offers an authentic drumming experience. The size is perfect for learning various drumming techniques, and the rebound makes practicing enjoyable.

Great for On-the-Go Drummers

As a traveling musician, the SPD-P12-BLK has become an essential part of my gear. It's lightweight and easy to transport, allowing me to practice wherever I go. The natural rebound gives me the feel of a real drum kit, making it a fantastic practice tool for drummers on the move.

Excellent Build Quality

I'm impressed by the build quality of this drum pad. It's durable and can withstand hours of practice. The natural rebound is fantastic, and it feels like playing on an actual drum. I highly recommend the SPD-P12-BLK to any drummer looking to improve their skills.

A Drummer's Best Practice Companion

The SPD-P12-BLK 12” Natural Rebound Practice Drum Pad is every drummer's best practice companion. Its natural rebound feels like playing on an actual drumhead, making it ideal for honing your drumming skills. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, this drum pad is a must-have for improving your technique.