Instrument Service and Repairs

The SoundLab has your next repair sorted...

We have a team of experienced technicians that can service, repair, restore & customise guitars and other stringed instruments.From re-strings and setups to highly specialised repairs and customisations. Have your instrument sound and feeling it’s best possible, personalised to your playing style.We can also service and & repair most electrical music equipment including Amps, PA’s and other electronic musical instruments.

Restring & Quarter Setup

All restrings include a fret buff, neck oil and general guitar assessment.

Acoustic or Electric 6 String - $45

Classical/Nylon String Acoustic - $49

12 String or Floyd Rose - $59

Full Guitar Setups

Classical / Nylon String Guitars $95

Acoustic Steel String Guitars - $130
Includes truss rod and saddle adjustments, cut nut fret buff and neck oil

Electric/Bass Guitars -$155
Includes truss rod and saddle adjustments, cut nut, adjusted harmonics, tremolo, restring, fret buff and neck oil

Complex Setups $180
Applies to guitars with Floyd Rose, vintage instruments, etc.

*Restring and Setup prices excludes cost of strings, a preferred string may be extra.

Structural Repairs

We can repair almost any structural injury to your instrument. Some common types of structural damage that can successfully be repair include:

- Cracked Body - Broken Neck - Broken Bridge - Loose Brac

Customisation and Complex Services

We offer a range of guitar customisation and complex repair services, working on a case-by-case quoted basis.

Electronics Repairs

We service and repair guitar electronics and most other electronic music equipment, including Amplifiers, PA and other electronic instruments. On a case-by-case quoted basis.

Valuations & Appraisals

We have expertise with rare, unique & vintage instruments and can provide valuations and appraisals for insurance or intended sales. We also consign instruments for sale, in our physical retail musical instrument store in St Kilda, Melbourne.

Instrument Donation

We also accept donations of unwanted musical instruments, which we service and hand over to participating charities that can distribute to remote & disadvantaged communities.


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