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Be your own guitar hero with The SoundLab. All ages, all abilities, all musical tastes.

The SoundLab offers guitar lessons in person or online, to help you achieve your guitar goals. The guitar is an expressive instrument that no two players sound quite alike, The SoundLab helps you find and craft your own unique sound.

Assessing your level:

First, we assess your current level of guitar-playing ability and create a tailored program designed to teach you at the right pace, with the right objectives in mind.

Developing your skills:

Then, we pair you with an experienced guitar teacher. Our expert instructors will provide the knowledge, expertise, music theory and support you need to develop important skills and techniques to learn your favourite songs, solos and improvisation. Learn different all styles of guitar lessons – from rock, indie, or funk to classical or jazz. 

Applying your skills:

Once you've mastered an appropriate level of guitar playing, we have the industry connections to help you achieve your musical ambitions, whether they’re joining a band, writing your own music or simply enjoying a regular jam session. We also host an end-of-year concert which gives you a chance to show off your skills and meet like-minded people. Kickstart your musical journey today!