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Add another string to your bow with The Soundlab. No matter your age, style, ability or experience, we have the lessons and a violin for you to hone your craft.

There are few experiences as educational and transformative as taking violin lessons. The SoundLab offers violin lessons in person or online, to help you achieve your unique goals.

Assessing your level

First, we assess your current level of playing ability and create a tailored program designed to teach you at the right pace, with the right objectives in mind. The right teacher and the right approach can give you the confidence to get past those first awkward weeks of squeaky notes and have you making beautiful music in no time. A good teacher will teach you the elements of perfect technique from the very beginning and will be able to guide you away from those squeakers.

Developing your skills with a music teacher & private violin lessons

We’ll help you understand the mechanics of music, especially if your goal is to perform with an orchestra. We’ll also teach you the physical aspects of playing the violin, such as bowing techniques, how to cleanly move between notes and how to add expressive elements such as vibrato to your playing.

Violin Teachers in Melbourne

At The SoundLab, we have the industry connections to help you achieve your musical ambitions whether that be a string quartet, musical theatre, a neo-country band, a symphony orchestra or an avant-garde jazz group. We also host an end-of-year concert which gives you a chance to show off your new skills and meet like-minded people.