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Established 2009, located in Saint Kilda under the Iconic Astor Theatre, we are Melbourne's premier boutique Music School & Store.
Let us help you develop a talent you are passionate about!

Music Lessons

Browse our in person or online lessons.

Guitar Lessons

Be your own guitar hero with The SoundLab.

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Piano Lessons

Get given the keys with The SoundLab.

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Drum Lessons

Drum at your own beat with The SoundLab.

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Bass Lessons

Develop solid bass rhythm with The SoundLab.

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Singing Lessons

Refine your unique voice with The SoundLab.

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Violin Lessons

Add another string to your bow with The SoundLab.

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Our music courses in Melbourne

Looking for a music school in Melbourne? Enrol at The SoundLab!

No matter your skill level, we offer a broad range of music lessons, musical instruments and accessories for sale to help you develop as a musician.

At our premier music school in Melbourne, we offer guitar lessonsbass lessons, drum lessons, singing lessons, piano lessons & violin lessons.

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Image Vault

Celebrating 50 years of the Gallin family.

The SoundLab Image Vault

Celebrating 50 years of the Gallin Family.

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John Farrah

Greece (2008)

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Les Paul & Leah Gallin

Live @ The Iridium NYC (2004)

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Led Zeppelin

Melbourne (1972)

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Guns & Roses

Leah Gallin with SLASH (2016), Duff (2014) & Steven Adler (2018)

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Scotty Moore

Elvis’ Guitar Player (1993)

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John Entwhistle – The Who

Images & signed photo (2010)

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Marc Bolan

T-Rex (1974-75)

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Mitch Mitchell

Jimi Hendrix’s Drummer (1974)

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Daryl Hall & John Oates

Images & signed tickets to Leah (1991)

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Leah Gallin with Airbourne

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Leah Gallin on stage singing with Johnny Farnham (1992)

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Paul & Linda McCartney

Polaroid (1976), Wings Ticket (1975), Epiphone Texan Signing (2006)

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What People Are Saying

“We have loved every minute of our time learning Bass at The SoundLab. As from a mothers point of view – the customer service has been amazing – keeping me and my daughter up-to-date and organised for every lesson. All my question are answered, big or small and in a timely manner. As for the lessons – my daughter is learning Bass Guitar and every week she is excited to go to her lesson and even more excited to leave to go home to practice the new skills she has learnt. My daughter can’t wait to start learning other instrument at The SoundLab. Now what to choose…..piano, singing, guitar, drums…….”

“Started guitar lessons at The SoundLab as an absolute beginner and I’ve learnt so much more than I expected! Fun classes with a motivating and patient teacher, friendly and welcoming staff, a great environment to learn music!”

“I’ve been learning guitar at The SoundLab for just over 10 months now. I must say these have probably been some of the best 10 months ever. Cliché as it sounds, this comment is genuine. My guitar skills have excelled through the roof and I truly look forward to every lesson – having the ability to dictate what I want to learn feels like I’m truely owning the lessons, while then being supported by a truly talented teacher."

"But beyond the lessons is the sense of community. The management generally cares about every single client and how they’re progressing. That welcoming feeling to every lesson is amazing! We also have 'The SoundLab Jams’ in which all the students and teachers are able to get together to perform and socialise. 10/10 for The SoundLab!″

“I highly recommend The SoundLab Music School, they have fantastic staff and a really great atmosphere! My daughter Casey started Guitar lessons for the first time ever this year at The SoundLab and her progress has been amazing. Her teacher has been awesome, from the range of music she learns to the improvement in her technique. To hear Casey play guitar now you would think she has been having lessons for years. Casey’s favourite day of the week is the day of her lesson. It is the most beautiful sound in our home now, to hear Casey playing and singing away to her favourite artists, from Radio head, Jesus Mary Chain, Jeff Buckley and many more. Thanks to The SoundLab for all your encouragement and this great experience.”

“The facilities are high quality and the quality of tuition is exceptional. Lots of great personalities, really fun lessons. I have found my playing improve dramatically over a short period of time.”

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The SoundLab eBook

A Free & Comprensive Guide to the Benefits of Learning Music

We have taken decades of music learning concepts and put it together in this eBook especially for you.

If you’re interested in learning a musical instrument or singing, our eBook is a must read for anyone looking to grow to their full music learning potential.