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Whatever your current skill level, from beginner to advanced, we’ll level up your drum practice. Whether it’s learning drumming fundamentals in your first lesson or you’re diving back into playing the drums.

Our lessons are on high-end all-mesh electronic drum kits. For those looking for the acoustic experience, we also have hybrid kit options incorporating a snare and cymbals to get the full effect.

Assessing your level:

First, we assess your current level of playing ability and create a tailored program designed to teach you at the right pace, with the right objectives in mind.

Developing your skills:

Once we’ve assessed your drumming skill levels, we pair you with one of our expert drum teachers. They provide the knowledge, expertise and support you need to develop important skills and techniques, from beginners to advanced. We want you to be a complete musician capable of being a key member of a band, not just a technician who can play the drums by themselves. 

Applying your skills:

Once you've mastered an appropriate level of drums, we have the industry connections to help you achieve your musical ambitions whether that be in a band, onstage, composing soundtracks or writing your own songs. Want to show off your progress? At The SoundLab, we also host an end-of-year concert which gives you a chance to show off your new skills and meet like-minded people.