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Refine your own unique voice with The SoundLab. All ages, all abilities, all musical tastes.

The SoundLab offers personalised singing lessons in person or online, to help you achieve your vocal goals. Your voice is an expressive instrument and no two singers sound quite alike, The SoundLab can help you strengthen your vocal ability.

Assessing your level with our singing teachers

First, we assess your current level of vocal ability and create a tailored program designed to teach you at the right pace, with the right objectives in mind.

Developing your skills with expert vocal training

With our help, you’ll be able to understand the physiology of your voice and the breathing anatomy that’s used for singing. You’ll increase your vocal range, strength and tone, and will learn the benefits of proper breathing, resonance and posture. You’ll also learn to listen to and analyse singers’ styles and methods and learn from different music.

Applying your skills

To stand out from the crowd, you also need to create your own style so that you’re easily recognisable. We can help you identify a style that’s most suitable for you and develop it in a way that makes it your own. With our vocal lessons, you can apply healthy vocal technique and vocal coaching to your artist development. Our vocal coaches will give you the confidence to pursue live performance, musical theatre, or songwriting in the music industry if that’s your passion!