Crossfire CFC-U Universal Capo

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Product description
The Crossfire universal capo is suitable for both acoustic steel and nylon string guitars thanks to its clever double sided design; incorporating a 61 mm flat profile for classical guitars, and a 57 mm arched profile for steel string acoustic guitars.

Manufactured from aircraft grade zinc alloy, the Crossfire universal capo features silicon rubber pads and easy to use screw tension system.

Customer Reviews

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Olivia Carter
Value for Money

This tuner is a fantastic value for the money. It's accurate, easy to use, and the display is crystal clear. I appreciate the versatility it offers with different tuning modes. The Crossfire CHST-65 is a must-have for any guitarist.

Olivia Carter
Quality and Performance

Whether I'm playing acoustic or electric, the Crossfire CFC-U Universal Capo in Black/Silver/Mahogany has me covered. It's versatile, allowing me to experiment with different sounds. The combination of colors adds a unique touch to my guitar.

Emily Davis
Must-Have for Every Guitarist

This universal capo is a must-have for every guitarist. The Crossfire CFC-U Universal Capo in Silver is reliable and works like a charm. It allows for quick and precise changes in pitch, and the silver finish gives it a modern look.

Daniel Hughes
Easy to Use and Durable

The Crossfire CFC-U Universal Capo in Black is incredibly easy to use, even for a beginner like me. It's durable and holds the strings down evenly across the fretboard. The sleek black design is a bonus.

Sarah Johnson
Versatile and Stylish!

I recently got the Crossfire CFC-U Universal Capo in Mahogany, and I love it! It's not only versatile but also stylish. The mahogany finish adds a touch of elegance to my guitar, and it holds the strings firmly in place without causing any tuning issues.