Embertec Smartswitch AV

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Product description

The Embertec SmartSwitch™ saves power and money by shutting down audio visual appliances and computer peripherals when they aren’t being used. The Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV is for audio visual appliances and the Embertec SmartSwitch™ PC is for computer environments.

As an intuitive device that reduces both standby and active power wastage, it produces maximum savings with zero effort – switching off appliances that aren’t being used, and switching them back on again when they’re needed.

It works with all existing audio visual and computer environments and complements any existing surge protection with additional surge protection.

In addition, the Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV is equipped with a unique MusicMode™ feature. This feature overrides the power down process for a period of 8 hours. This feature is great for playing music, parties, and video nights or any time when equipment needs to be kept on for an extended period of time. The Embertec SmartSwitch™ AV reverts to its previous power down timer setting after the 8 hour period or after a power down has occurred. Colour: White