Orange AD200 Bass Head MKIII Black

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Product description

The AD200B MKIII is quite simply one of the purest valve bass amplifiers ever produced.
Colour: Black
Designed on the premise that the best tone often comes from the shortest signal path from guitar to speaker, this classic, uncomplicated design features inputs for both active and passive instruments and a simple but effective EQ.

With four 6550 output valves pushing 200 Watts of power, the AD200B has a deep, dynamic low-end with a creamy yet focused mid-range. The now-iconic gain structure reveals a wide spectrum of vintage and modern tones, from mellow hues perfect for flatwound strings, through to heavy, percussive growl.

Whatever the situation, there is no shortage of punch, which is just one of the reasons why the AD200B has appeared on some of the world’s biggest stages.