Karen Sahputra

Piano / Violin

Growing up surrounded by music and musicians her whole life, some would say Karen has grown into her roots. She began to learn the piano at age 5, taught by her mother also a piano teacher.

From 2012, she would take the London College of Music examination (LCME) every year in order to progress to Grade 8 in Piano. She primarily grew up learning classical style piano, but is also well versed with contemporary music and she is in her final year of an Undergraduate degree in Contemporary Music Performance at the Australian Institute of Music.

Karen also took to teaching like her mother did, albeit at a much younger age. She began to take on students as a substitute for her mother’s students at the age of 15, where discovered her passion for teaching music. She went on to teach large group/classroom lessons at the high school she graduated
from. Karen also holds a Diploma of teaching from the London College of Music “DipLCM in
Performance” as well as a “DipLCM(TD) in Teaching”.

Karen has amassed great experience in varied areas of piano and performance. She has acquired Grade 7 level Theory of Music and has Violin to Grade 5 level, to teach beginner Violinists.

Karen wants to help others find the same joy and passion she did throughout her lessons. Whether sitting AMEB exams or simply playing the classics to contemporary. She provides a structured approach to help students of all ages and levels of ability to reach their music learning goals.

Karen brings much experience and excitement to teach for us at The SoundLab.

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