Stephannie Asprilla

Vocals / Piano / Song Writing

Stephannie is a professional musician who has a music teaching degree, having graduated from Antonio Nariño University in Colombia.

She became a professional singer as a Soprano, being part of some locally recognized Colombian bands such as ‘Revolver Plateado’ and ‘Violeta loop’. She also took part in of one of the biggest festivals in Latino America called ‘Rock al parque’.

Stylistically strong with Pop, Jazz & Opera - she can also teach Piano and Music Theory. She began teaching in various academies in Colombia like ‘my little once’ and ‘cultural house pacho’ as a Vocal & Piano coach. She has also had a focust hroughout her career in musical theatre, working with different voice techniques such as belting, mix voice and head-voice.

Years of contemporary voice training has taught Stephannie about the importance of the breath, intonation, pitch, rhythm and keeping the vocal cords happy and healthy. Singing to Stephannie is about joy, fun, confidence and seeing the voice as a musical instrument.

As a teacher you can expect dynamic and diverse lessons, she always keeps in mind your skills to reach your purposes. She believes as human beings we are able to achieve what we set out to do, as long as we are consistent and disciplined, but we must not forget to enjoy the process.

Stephannie aims to guide and support you in your knowledge path inside this amazing world of music and the joy it can bring us. She enjoys working with students of all levels, but particularly guiding people who are new to performing or who want to become more confident in their singing, song writing skills and performance qualities.

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