Amanda (Stellar) Perry

Vocals, Songwriting, Performance

Singer Stellar Perry formerly Amanda Munroe was a vocal teacher with us at The SoundLab. She recently battled it out in the grand final of The Voice as a contestant on Team Delta.

Stellar I was born in Hobart and moved away around 2007ish, raised in Rosetta by Mum and two older sisters. By the time she was 11 she started singing lessons with Lou Lincoln. ‘Mum bought be an old second hand piano, so I started writing around then too. It morphed pretty quickly into competitions, bands and choirs....anything I could sink my teeth into. I went to Ogilvie High and have a lot of great music themed memories there.’

The bonds that I have formed with the other artists and Delta are absolutely life changing. Getting to connect with kindred hearts from around the world. Finding my people that resonate with me and are wanting to come along for the ride to
learn, grow and laugh together....through my favourite thing in the world, MUSIC. Also singing in gowns made for me on sets that were designed and tailored to my brand. INCREDIBLE/UNBELIEVABLE!’

Once The Voice is over, what will you be doing next? ‘Releasing music....and so much more. I have some really exciting projects I’m working on that involve one on one interactions with people, holding live seminars and webinars that focuses on finding your voice, inner work through song and music. There is so much I want to do...but it’s all based around music and giving back to the people that need it!’

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Last Goodbye
Take a Bow

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