Sam Wallace

Drums / Guitar / Piano / Production 

Graduating from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Industry, Sam always knew that he wanted to perform. As this dream started to become realised, it only confirmed his aspirations for a future centred entirely around music and drumming. 

Sam quickly became determined to pursue a career in the music industry after picking up his first pair of sticks at the age of 10. Fresh out of high school, he made his way to London in search of an introduction to the industry. This came on a performance basis, with Sam first acting as a fill-in drummer then permanent drummer for the independent London band “Yossarian”. Endorsed by Roland, Sam went on to play over 100 shows a year with them, travelling across Hong Kong, NZ, AU, the UK and various European countries (FR, GER, ESP). 

Besides drumming, Sam’s fervour and passion led him to become involved with many facets of the industry, including arranging the bands world-wide tours, liaising with media and promoting crowd-funded albums - Sam even found himself creating music videos. Within this time, he became addicted to seeping his hands into just about everything: including when a trip to Spain led to learning Flamenco guitar. It was then that Sam returned to Australia to undertake the next stage of his journey at University, with hopes to expand upon the skills already acquired overseas. 

Sam later joined “Keaper”, a shoegaze-visual arts project who are already making quite a splash on the scene. Having played over 30 gigs this year, in the midst of a pandemic, Keaper released their debut EP a few months ago and are typically found playing shows across some of Melbourne's most beloved venues. 

Known for being wonderful with kids, Sam is incredibly excited to bring his diverse knowledge and charming personality to students of all ages, level of skill and taste in music. 

Please click below to view just a snippet of Sam’s drumming skills. 

Sam Wallace - Drummer 

Yossarian: Rivers of Blood (Original) - Live in Hong Kong 

Keaper – Come & Go (Music Video) 

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