Georgia Flipo (G-Flip)

Drums / Percussion / Lil’ Rockstar

The SoundLab Melbourne G-Flip Past Teacher

Andrew studied a bachelor of music performance at Box Hill Institute. With an extensive national and international touring history, Andrew is a popular studio and session musician. Having played in the “Redcoats” who were signed to Universal, he toured nationally and released both an EP and a full length album. While playing for “Stonefield”, he toured nationally and across America supporting bands such as Fleetwood Mac, Cold Chisel and Angus and Julia Stone alongside countless headline shows. More recently, Andrew recorded an EP and full length with Ali Barter. Again, touring nationally and playing a number of festivals, headlining shows and support slots with her.

He has studied drumming under Nick Dean, Sam Aliano, Robi Parolin, Tony Floyd and Darryn Farrugia. Andrew currently plays and records for many local artists such as Ben Wright Smith, Willow Darling, Jane Mcarthur, Stephen Bowtell Band, Jupiters Child and has recorded one off sessions with artists such as Timberwolf, Robbie Miller, Bright Spark and Jumpin' Jack William.

“My favourite part of teaching is helping uncover and harness the passion that each student holds. I try whenever possible to let the student choose their direction and when they are passionate, this is never a problem. Basically, I enjoy helping them by opening their minds to the musical and drumming history that surrounds their favoured music, by introducing them to the techniques that go along with these styles. Whilst doing this, I think it is also important to have ongoing dialogue with them about what they want out of drumming and music and how they might be able to get there. It is, in my mind, important for this to be in line with what is being studied at the time.

The experience I have gained as a student, a teacher and also as a performer in both live and studio settings, is invaluable to me as a teacher. I have learnt many lessons along the way and I look forward to learning something every time I teach or perform.”

Listen to Andrew

Redcoats - Giants Stonefield - "Strange Eyes" @ The Aussie
BBQ, SXSW 2016, Austin Texas ALI BARTER - Far Away - LIVE on Triple J

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